Which Foam Mattress Is the Best One For You?

05 Feb

A loom and leaf mattress is a new type of bedding that is made from the down filling of a gooseberry down mattress. This is created through a process where mite shreds and other particles are removed from the down feathers of geese and ducks to leave the down pure and whole. There are a couple benefits to this type of down alternative, first being the fact that it is 100% natural, which means that you know that you will not have to worry about any type of chemical reaction with your body and that the comforter will not trigger any allergic reaction in you. Another benefit to the pure down alternative is that the comforter itself is not stuffed like a traditional down comforter is and therefore will not create the same allergic reaction issues. The concept behind this type of bedding is that there are two firmness levels available in a leaf mattress. At the lower firmness levels, the down feathers are not very dense and weigh less. At the higher firmness levels the down feathers weigh quite a bit and are much heavier, which allows the down to create a larger impression of density and weight than what we find with a traditional down comforter.

As far as how this product performs compared to a traditional down comforter, the difference is fairly noticeable right away. The mattress has a slightly larger sprung headboard which gives it a nice soft feel right out of the box. There is no springiness to the mattress at all and after lying on it for a while, you actually feel a nice weightlessness to the entire structure. We stayed on a single leaf mattress for a couple weeks to see if it would lose its initial comfort and firmness, and unfortunately it did. We actually gained back some of the lost comfort after sleeping on it the second week. This is something that we have yet to experience with a traditional down comforter. On the other hand, our stomach sleepers good excellent rating is based upon the fact that it is extremely comfortable when we first lay down on it. Most of our guests rave about how they fell asleep within seconds, which makes this a very popular product to purchase. The moment you lay down on it, the springiness that you experience is immediately gone and you instantly begin to sink into the plush material. In fact, there is not really any give at all and the structure actually sinks into your body. This is a great combination for a mattress and for a couch, where you want to be totally comfortable but still not lose out on any support. View for more info about a leaf mattress.

Speaking of support, the unique and interesting design of the leaf mattress offers it all. The unique and unusual "glove" design allows it to slip over your traditional box spring, providing an extra level of support that definitely enhances any sleeper. If you are looking for a great mattress but are worried about getting a traditional one because it may not have the support that you need, the 180-night home trial of the Looms by Progressive is absolutely perfect. If you sleep on a conventional bed in a conventional frame, the Looms by Progressive mattress will not only feel great to the touch, but you will also find that it provides adequate support for a strong mattress. It's definitely not a design to sneeze at, but one that is very comfortable, especially for those who often sleep on their side. You can get your free mattress orfoam mattress from Progressive through their website. They do ship internationally so if you happen to live somewhere else, no worries; you will still be able to get your free mattress. If you like what you see and think that the Progressive Leaf Foam Mattress by Progressive is what you have been looking for, remember to visit their website today and take a look for yourself. I am sure that you will fall in love with this wonderful new product and would not even consider returning your normal mattress.

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